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Synaptronics in a Nutshell

Synaptronics is an industrial technology and production service company whose expertise in electrical, automation and controls systems, project management and R&D of industrial solutions has helped to overcome technical challenges and achieve the production and quality goals of our customers.

While our core of business is specialized consulting for industrial process control and electrical systems design, Synaptronics continues to expand its services and products to meet emerging customer needs.

As an engineering firm, we value our most important assets: theoretical knowledge and engineering practice.

Markets change and the demand of companies to keep competiveness high requires, in most instances, the re-engineering of processes and equipment. In some other cases, a change of philosophy has an impact on the way a company manufactures, produces, and does business.

It is not uncommon to find shortcomings in the plant project planning, design and engineering, long after the production facility was handed over to the end user or is already in the production stage. Lack of understanding of the process or concepts behind the control scheme by plant operators or plant engineering firm is one of the root causes for such post start-up issues.

The tunnel-vision approach for the solution of complex industrial tasks, overlooking important process details, or the stiff establishment of old-fashioned methods of engineering leave no room to consider novel and modern techniques to tackle complex process challenges or control issues.

These shortcomings may become an excruciating problem to deal with, once the production facility has to comply with quality standards, production goals and other regulatory requirements.

Synaptronics is committed to addressing these issues with flexibility and a lean management philosophy, making sure that the technological impact of the changes required to overcome them is properly assessed and the solution oriented to save time and money for our customers with a wide range of advanced technological options.

Synaptronics started its business by supporting end users who were seeking process compliance, the fulfillment of production goals, and assistance with their technical issues after a project’s start-up.

It currently provides technical expertise and support to our customer’s capital projects and its quality assurance programs through a wide variety of specialty services. Our relationship with our clients starts with identifying the problem, analyzing its root causes, and determining the action plan from preliminary engineering, all the way to final design, construction, and inspection.

Synaptronics makes sure that the technological impact of the changes required to implement corrective actions or a new manufacturing philosophy is appropriately evaluated, with a clear action plan and strict observance of codes and most recognized industrial standards. Our understanding and application of new trends in industrial hardware and software engineering ensure that the return investment is high when appropriately calculated, increasing productivity, reliability and saving costs in the design and prototyping stages. We keep up to date with new advances in the field of electrical engineering, instrumentation and advanced process control, in order to provide our customers with the best advice and solutions.

Synaptronics is a corporate sustaining member of the American National Standards Institute ANSI, Canadian Standards Association CSA and National Fire Protection Agency NFPA. Our electrical and systems integration shop is a UL Canada and US (cULus) approved facility with assembly certification capabilities for UL508 A, NRBX for extension to hazardous areas and other assembly and integration standards available upon request. Synaptronics’ engineers are members, close collaborators, technical contributors and active supporters of the Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE and International Society of Automation ISA.