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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation
Design, specification and deployment of automation systems for food, pharma, and chemical industries. We provide automation services at all levels of plant manufacturing, ranging from machine vision for quality assurance up to plant-wide supervisory process control system deployment, integrating motion equipment, safety systems and robotics, among other industrial technologies.
Industrial Automation

Process Control

Advanced Process Control
Simulation and model development of plant processes using AI-based techniques, including expert systems and fuzzy logic, as well as multivariate process control and statistical process control applied to complex manufacturing systems and processes, especially those where quality control, tight supervision and validation of the end product are required.
Industrial Automation


Electrical Systems
Electrical systems design, specification, sizing and construction of industrial solutions up to 750V for hazardous and non-hazardous areas, including Motor Control Centers, control panels and sub-assemblies, power electronics prototyping and HMI design stations.
Industrial Automation


Specialty Services
Metrology consulting services for temperature, low and high frequency standards. Specialty measurements, analysis and investigation of radio-electric spectrum phenomena. Automated lab testing and data logging services. Industrial specification, design and deployment of radio links.
Industrial Automation